Six finalists for World’s Best-Designed in Digital

“The range of The Lily’s stories and products is impressive. Every topic, story, experience and deep dive is carefully crafted for its audience and effectively presented. No matter where a reader encounters the content, it’s clear that there is a common creative and visual language that embodies the Lily’s aesthetic voice. It is a publication whose journalism is expressed through its design, creative edge, and playful (with discipline) approach to every aspect of its ecosystem.”

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Nieman lab

The Washington Post’s The Lily is building its Instagram aesthetic and sharing news with millennial women in the process

“If someone says they love The Lily both for the stories and for the way it looks, that’s what I’m going for.”

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One Man & His Blog

The Lily: iterating a visual and editorial voice (News Impact Summit, Paris)

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Nieman Lab

With The Lily, The Washington Post wants to draw young women in (but won’t do a subscription hard sell)

“We wanted to reach an audience we’re not reaching as well as we could.”

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