Contrary Con, with Rachel Orr.

  • Toronto - The Canadian Assocation of Journalists 2018 Keynote: Amy King, chief editor of Washington Post's The Lily, will talk about building a community where women can engage the news—and be empowered in the process. Introduced by Shelby Blackley from the Globe and Mail. #CAJKing @theamyking 
  • Paris - News Impact Summit: Expert Talk — What a Clear Visual Strategy Can Do for Your Brand: Lessons from The Lily
  • London - Society for News Design: Designing for Distributed Platforms and Niche Audience, with Christopher Meighan
  • NYC - WAN-IFRA Digital Media 2017: On building The Lily and working on the Emerging News Products team
  • Washington, DC - Contrary Con II: The Lily is hip, but not painfully so. The Lily will talk with you in sentences and beautiful images, not memes. It is reasonable, not ridiculous. Useful, not nonsensical. Respectful, not patronizing. The Lily is for the curious. With Rachel Orr.