The Lily

The Lily is a publication from The Washington Post that elevates stories critical to the lives of women. The first Lily was started in 1849 by Amelia Bloomer. It was the first paper created and edited by women. When we launched in June of 2017, I wrote about why we decided to bring it back.

We have a website, an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, a book club, a newsletter and a presence on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard. I manage our team, which includes a deputy editor, art directors, multiplatform editors, a staff writer and a video editor.

Together, Team Lily has created a lot in the past two years. We publish up to 10 stories a day, post three to five times a day on Instagram, post an Instagram Story multiple times a week, post to our Lily Lit Club Instagram page daily and publish video series. On top of that, we’re always working on bigger projects. Ideas for these projects come from every member of the team. Someone throws something out there, and we work together to see it through. We’ve created two murals in high-traffic areas of D.C, including one on election night 2018. We published and sold a zine on our first birthday. We launched a pop-up edition of our newsletter Lily Lines that focused on girlhood around the world. We took over The Lincoln theatre in D.C. with Lily branded balloon arches, posters, pins and more as the official media sponsor for Bentzen Ball, Tig Notaro’s comedy festival.

See below for some of our work.


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The lily on video

Spearheaded by Lily Video Editor Maya Sugarman, we’ve published several video series. Here are a few.


Seven videos featuring YouTubers telling us a story they never have before.

When Used Correctly

Our series on Contraception. View on Facebook Watch.


We invited women around 10 years apart in age to interview each other for a day in New York City—this is what they had to say about their bodies.

Watch the whole series on YouTube.

The Lily on election night 2018

We live-painted a mural over the course of election night that depicts an eagle representing the 184 women who were first-time candidates for congressional or gubernatorial seats, or sought a higher office in Congress. Each time a female candidate won her seat, a feather was colored in. The final product will convey exactly how many non-incumbent women were elected to office. This time-lapse reflects 33 feathers – the results that came in before 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Watch the video here.



The Lily turned 1 on June 12, 2018.

Illustration by Ana Porta.

Illustration by Ana Porta.

Illustration by Allie Pak.

Illustration by Allie Pak.

We launched our Instagram in June 2017. As of July 2018, we have over 20 thousand followers. Our growth was largely organic.


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This is the work of Team Lily. The Lily logo was drawn by Olga Vasik.